Our people & our culture

People are at the heart of our business – they are our competitive advantage


Delivering a digital future through transformation of current technology.

Our mission is to make a real impact in the way that technology is delivered, used and managed. We do this by providing technology-related insights and delivering solutions to companies where technology is core to their business. We differentiate our offering through niche positioning at the interface of legacy and new technologies and through the application of exceptional individuals and high performance teams.

Saratoga is about many things, but most of all it’s about the individuals who together, form the company. We’ve designed a Saratoga operating framework that is central to our strategic vision and forms the heart and soul of the company.

The system defines who we are and provides the tools to ensure that our values are incorporated into our daily life and expressed in our output. It is designed to encourage innovation and individual excellence, whilst ensuring cooperation, shared learning and common standards. Most importantly its flexibility ensures that our company is self organising.


We are a values-driven organisation. Our values and behaviours guide the way we work with our clients, business partners and each other.

Behaviour we value

People matter


Embrace uniqueness – Value the individual. Everyone has unique talent & insight to offer.

Be egoless – Abandon your ego/Leave your ego at the door – Brilliant ideas come from a strong & equal team.

Share & collaborate – Grow a team, not a pyramid. Make time for your colleagues & work together towards success.

Put people before profit – Build great people relationships. Together we enjoy the greatest success.

Champion customer service – Be customer-centric. Good relationships are built on trust.

Celebrate as a team – Learn together, celebrate together. Be agile, help each other to grow & prosper.

Mutual respect


Improve yourself – Practice self-reflection. Work from your strengths & train up your weaknesses.

Demonstrate ownership – Be responsible. Own your behavior & grow from your mistakes.

Earn respect & trust – Smart Trust. Be open & strive towards a connected team.

Love your job – Have company pride. You care about & share in Saratoga’s success.

Promote autonomy – Encourage self-direction. Give people the space to try things their way.

Be supportive – Support & engage your colleagues. Know when to ask & when to offer help.

Personal excellence


Be passionate – Let passion for your subject drive your work.Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Have courage – Make tough decisions. Question actions inconsistent with our values.

Make yourself dispensible – Automate & share by letting your team grow with you. Expand impact by empowering others.

Foster innovation – Find new ways to do things. Be creative in your search for solutions.

Show leadership – Be a Saratoga ambassador. Let your commitment encourage others.

Learn continuously – Improvement begins with I. Try new things that outside of your comfort zone.

Our people