Meet Inga Davids, 2016 BA Summit Presenter and Business Consultant at Saratoga

 1. Tell us about your career journey so far, why is business analysis your profession of choice?

What I value most about the profession is that as a business analyst I have the chance to flex my problem solving skills and engage with a variety of people across the business. This provides me with the opportunity to continually learn and to hone my skills.

My career so far has exposed me to both corporate and consulting firms. By successfully completing projects in retail, banking and insurance sectors I’ve gained experience on projects of varying complexities and scope.

2. As a young business analyst in South Africa, what has your experience been like?

As a young business analyst it’s an exciting time, organisations are starting to realise the value of having a fresh perspective and approach to solving ‘old world’ business problems.

Since starting my career I’ve met and learnt from some great business analysts. I’ve had the opportunity to work in high performing teams and to gain experience in working with different personalities when trying to solve business problems.

3. Why are events such as the BA Summit important in the development of business analysts and the business analysis industry?

The BA Summit is crucial to the development of the industry as it gives stakeholders an opportunity to connect, learn and share experiences with like-minded people from the industry.

The summit is a great platform from which learnings and valuable experiences can be gained and shared with your organisation and colleagues, enabling the improvement of your own competencies and those of your organisation’s BA practice.

4. When trying to recruit and retain millennials, what are the top two mistakes you believe some organisations are making?

– An organisation’s brand and values need to be appealing. Some millennials are known to place a strong emphasis on growth, development and social responsibility. Therefore, an organisation looking to recruit millennial’s can better position themselves by ensuring that their brand showcases some of these qualities.

– It’s not just about the flexi hours and free Friday afternoon drinks. Those are great perks but to retain a strong and productive workforce, employers need to understand how to motivate, reward and recognise millennials.

5. Give us a preview of what you’ll be discussing in your talk at the BA Summit – The Fundamentals of the Millennial BA – Recruiting, Retaining and Growing the 21st Century BA.

Millennials entering the work force often shakes things up as they seek out leadership and careers that are contrasting to previous generations. Most millennials are looking for challenging, purposeful work and inspirational and engaging leaders. This means that organisations looking to recruit and retain millennials need to adapt to the evolving business analysis professional. From the perspective of a millennial, the talk will focus on the fundamental building blocks that will attract, retain and grow a 21st century BA.

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