Joe Newbert, Founder of Inter-View, chats to Saratoga about the 2016 Report

The Inter-View Report was created to address the lack of reliable information and to help companies leverage the true value of business analysis. How has the support for Inter-View been over the last three years?

The support has been overwhelming, and I need to thank everyone who took part in the 2016 business analysis survey. This year’s response was incredible, and Inter-View is now proudly the fastest rising business analysis publication internationally. It is a real community project and without community involvement it would simply not be possible to paint such a meaningful business analysis portrait. My huge thanks to everyone joining us on this journey, I look forward to continuing this remarkable story with you all.

Since the first edition in 2014, how has the remarkable journey of Inter-View Report evolved? 

The original concept began as a pure-data offering, providing an information platform for both business and IT based communities to collaborate and improve business delivery. And it did. It triggered conversations and catalysed movement. Then, it soon became clear that the discussions we were having would be better shared, so Inter-View naturally progressed into seeking knowledge from insightful professionals and opening up those conversations to benefit the whole community.

Inter-View has included some great insights from industry leaders in previous editions, what can we look forward to in this 2016 edition?  

The conversations in this year’s edition of Inter-View are inspiring, each providing perspective, creativity and passion. From well-known industry leader Kevin Brennan who speculates the future evolution of the business analyst, to up-and-coming Samuel Tafadzwa who shares his personal story on building a business analysis community ground-up. There’s plenty more feature interviews to absorb, and, of course, all the usual-suspect infographics and salary survey data.

Is there a trend or statistic that surprised you in the 2016 Inter-View results?

I’m a big fan of looking for contradictions in the data and data that contradicts popular thinking, and there are examples of each that intrigue me. Modelling business processes forms a significant part of the role, yet a consistent pattern over the three surveys is that few people are keen to formalise their business process modelling skills. Secondly, a common statistic is that the number one reason people leave their job is because of their manager, yet very few people prioritise who their boss will be as an important career decision maker.

To what extent do you believe business and IT communities are collaborating and sharing information in South Africa? How does Inter-View report further facilitate this?

There are some great community initiatives and platforms available, such as associations, chapter events, special interest groups and conferences, while digital and social mechanisms continue to break-down communication barriers. As a profession are we making the most of them? No, I don’t think so. We can certainly better leverage these networking opportunities and collaborate across professional silos. Inter-View can further facilitate this as being a source of information, a means of communication and the start of a conversation.


The 2016 Inter-View Report will be launching at the 2016 BA Summit in September. For more information visit Inter-View Report.