Making the previously impossible possible

CEO’s MESSAGE: What’s new at Saratoga

November 2015 update

When I started out my career, a key factor that determined the path I chose was the desire to work in a field that required me to develop practical solutions to complex problems. This path provided some intellectual stimulation as well as the knowledge that I had made a difference to someone’s life somewhere by removing an obstacle or making the previously impossible possible. These have remained key motivators for me in my career and have helped in some part to guide the shaping of Saratoga into what it is today. 

Through the platform that Saratoga provides, we are able to get access to a range of large corporate and mid-sized customers in order to help them solve problems that stem from the technical and organisational complexity that their businesses create. We are also able to work within a team of bright, like-minded individuals with a desire to make a real impact. These things are, for me at least, significant differentiators that help me to appreciate how good it is to work at Saratoga.

It was great to see so many Saratogans together in one place for our year end function at the Cape Town Comedy Club and I was struck by the diversity of backgrounds that go in to making our team what it is today. It is important to recognise our peers’ individual and team contributions and it was good to see the number of nominations and votes cast. Congratulations to all of the nominees and the winners and thanks for going the extra mile.

With only a few distraction-filled weeks left in the year until most of us take a well-deserved break, it is important to try to keep focused on the job at hand to ensure that we continue to deliver value to our customers. For those of you that are taking a break at year end, I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest – there is nothing as precious as time spent with friends and family. Please travel safely and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready for a new year in January.

Mark Gebhardt,
CEO, Saratoga

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