Meet Bharn Burgers, Senior Analyst and 2017 BA Summit Presenter

Bharn Burgers, a Senior Business Analyst at Saratoga, has extensive experience in customer communications management and will be presenting a talk titled ‘Shaping the Customer Experience Future through Customer Communications Management’ at the 2017 BA Summit in September.

Why do you believe Customer Communications Management (CCM) will become increasingly important in the future?

In the past CCM has simply been a way of sending information to the customer. Today however, CCM is the main vehicle of conveying your brand message. It is the tool that shows your customer that they are important to you and that you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them. This makes it a crucial tool in customer relations and in encouraging customer retention.

How can business analysts shift the perceptions of organisations from seeing CCM as a necessary expense, to a profit enabler instead?

Business analysts should help their clients understand how customer experience is driving retention and that the main substitute for marketing is word of mouth. A happy customer is going to tell their friends about it and will more likely recommend the product or service. The question is how to enable the organisation to make their customers happy – and that is where the business analyst’s skills are crucial.

Why are events such as the BA Summit important in the development of business analysts and the business analysis profession as a whole?

We are still at the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but we are already seeing that it is naïve to think that our modus operandi is going to be valid going forward. Things are changing fast and if we are not agile and resilient we are going to get left behind. We should accept that the inclusion of analysts in future projects is not guaranteed. However, we have one of the few professions that are able to add unique value that cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. The BA summit gives us the opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge and experience,
  • Motivate one another towards excellence,
  • Show what value we can provide.

Give us a preview of what you’ll be discussing in your talk at the BA Summit – Shaping the Customer Experience Future through Customer Communications Management.

I am going to try to give you a glimpse into my journey of working with Customer Communications Management over the past 15 years and how my views have evolved in terms of the problems to be solved and especially the value to be added. I will explain how the focus in the market has shifted from purely technical considerations towards using CCM as a key strategic tool.


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