What’s shiny and new at Saratoga

CEO’s MESSAGE: What’s new at Saratoga

October 2015 update

“We have been very encouraged over the past few weeks to see the tangible outcomes coming out of the changes that we started at Saratoga in February this year. While some of the changes that we implemented have been very visible for us within Saratoga, we are now beginning to show the new face of Saratoga to our customers and the broader industry.

Some of the things that we’re most excited about are:

  • The redesigned Saratoga brand identity and logo, as seen in our updated website. The changes are intended to reflect a more top-end or exclusive brand positioning as well as a different emphasis on what it is that we do for our customers. We have chosen to take an iterative approach to this, so you should expect ongoing changes as we refine our new message to the market.
  • A very obvious renewed energy in the leadership team, especially around business development and taking our offerings to market, lead by Legacy Archaeology and Business Analysis Advisory.
  • Some new customers (IDS Fund Services, Dubai Islamic Bank) and prospects who are showing great interest in our various offerings. This also reflects our renewed focus on expanding our customer base both around industry verticals and geography.

A great start to the new financial year reflects an increased demand for our services. This of course creates what has been referred to as a ‘high quality problem’ in that we are struggling to find enough talented new staff to meet the demand of our current customers, but this is a challenge that we are very happy to have.

On a completely different note, we’re looking forward to the planned mural painting day at the Khayelitsha Christian Academy. This is an Early Childhood Development centre that Saratoga has been involved with for a number of years now and we have contributed both through annual donations, as well as activities like playground clean-ups. It is a great opportunity to give back to our broader community and represents our passion as an organisation for improving education in South Africa – a key input if the industry that we all work in is to have a sustainable future.”

Mark Gebhardt,
CEO, Saratoga

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