We’re technology specialists

Applying a depth of expertise and delivering solutions

Industry thinkers


More than leadership

A culture of thought leadership is born from subject matter experts and industry role-models with a wealth of experience. They’re vocal, often challenging, and present a fresh point of view.

At Saratoga, they’re real people whose passion for their topic drives their work and inspires others into action.

Collective Intelligence


Harnessing our intellectual capital

Our people are the leading force at Saratoga. Broad IT expertise is complemented by deep domain knowledge in a variety of areas including finance, retail, telecoms, healthcare, utilities and media..

Our people have the power of collective knowledge behind them, making them agents of change to provide organisations with agility and sustainability.

Trusted advisor


Bridging the gap between business, technology, & people

As the impact of technology increases, so does the need for sharp consultants, which is why we make being on the forefront of technology a part of our culture. We approach problems with a combination of quantitative reasoning and perspective.

Our teams know how all the pieces fit together and affect each other. This unique ability allows us to quickly get to the root of a problem and present achievable and impactful solutions.

Holistic integrated framework


Improving the odds for success

According to the 2015 Inter-View Report, 35% of projects fail due to dysfunctional business and IT relations.

At Saratoga, our methodologies and practices provide a blueprint as you plan your business transformation. This practical approach allows us to deliver value early. Our Agile teams ensure project success at rollout.


"Going digital is not a decision, it's a mindset change." - RICHARD CHEARY


"Mature organisations understand that effective IT integration is an imperative." - MARK GEBHARDT


"Business Analysis is critical to successful delivery and return on technology enablement investment." - MOHAMED BRAY


“Being a trusted advisor means that clients can tell you their problems, and you give them a variety of options rather than just ‘a solution’. The consultant’s role, as an enabler for technology, is to build relationships - a lot of listening, and very little talking.” - ULVI GULIYEV


"Digital has become the business rather than just being an enabler. Digital lies at the heart of any effective competitive strategy." - ANTHONY ROBINSON


"The difference between digital marketing & marketing will disappear. There's just going to be ‘Marketing' – and it will all be digital." - FRED ROED

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